so you think you know star wars ehh?

During the time between the Jedi Civil War and the Galactic Civil War, the production of kolto suffered substantially and the value escalated. With the cost of kolto so high, the market for it collapsed in favor of a less expensive alternative: bacta.[2] The reason for the sharp decline of kolto production is unknown and was hotly contested in academic circles. Nevertheless, the economy of Manaan collapsed and kolto became almost completely forgotten.[2][3] With the onset of the Galactic Civil War, bacta had become the primary healing agent used in medicine. Aware of kolto's presence on Manaan and historical significance, Emperor Palpatine invaded Manaan and enslaved the native Selkath.[2] The Galactic Empire exploited the Selkath and possibly their kolto resources. While kolto was still being used during the Galactic Civil War, it did not possess great value. It appeared to be less effective than bacta, but was used as a cheaper alternative.[3][4] In their research, however, some historians noted that kolto may have been more effective in the past.[2]

giant firaxan shark known as the Progenitor which lived within the Hrakert Rift. As a result, the Rift was considered a prime location for kolto harvesting during the Jedi Civil War. During the war, the Selkath remained neutral; neither favoring the Jedi and the Galactic Republic nor the Sith Empire. As a result, both governments set up "equal" operations on Manaan. In desperation for the healing power of kolto and to get an advantage over the Sith, Republic emissaries crafted a deal with several key members of the Selkath government. Fearing that the Sith would destroy the Selkath society, these leaders allowed the Republic to construct a secret underwater facility in the Rift to harvest kolto.[1]

Created by: andrew
  1. which of these planets are NOT in the outer rim regions
  2. what is han solo's home planet
  3. what sector is tatooine in?
  4. what planet isn't in the mandolore system?
  5. which isn't in the kwymar sector?
  6. what is ki-adi-mundi's home planetc
  7. where was kit fisto born?
  8. who was aurra sing's master?
  9. who trained yoda?
  10. where was dooku born

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