Do you like princess liea(star wars)?

some hate liea.some don't like her.some don't hate liea.some kinda like her.some like her.some(like me)love liea.this test's score might see if you like try harder if you got a "you don't like liea score"hope you passed this test.cause it is good to ace tests.if you got some wrong watch star wars or check the profiles at star all people can get should try really hard on this pass it.go!

do you like liea?you might say you do.but if you don't know about her you won't like take this quiz and pass it good luck and pass a few minutes you will find out how much you like if you like her,you should prove it.i hope you comment this quiz.i worked really hard on this.try to get85% or more to be advanced.65%-85% profition.35%-65% high basic. 0%-35% ouch!

Created by: silverpaulo5
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. who plays liea on episod 5
  2. who did liea marry
  3. who did she give birth to
  4. at what age did liea join the rebel alliance
  5. do you like liea
  6. what is her name on episode 7?i think that's when she get's married.
  7. where is liea royalty
  8. how old is the millinion falcon
  9. some of these ?s are pointless about liea(nothing to do about her)answer your opinion
  10. do you like this quiz
  11. on whitch episodea are liea hot

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Quiz topic: Do I like princess liea(star wars)?