Would I date you? :D

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Welcome to my first quiz! This is on if I, personally would date you or not. This is all my opinion, please be polite in the comments, and dont attack me, (op) or anyone else! :D

Please be respectful of everyone here! I personally use she/they pronouns for reference. If anything mentioned in this quiz bothers you, you dont have to stick around and can totally find a better quiz lolQ!

Created by: Iofog
  1. What is your gender identity?
  2. What is your style? (Choose closest!)
  3. What is your WORST quality? (Be honest!)
  4. What’s your best quality?
  5. Describe your personality in one word! (Be honest, again!)
  6. Do you cuss a lot?
  7. What’s your body type? :D (I think they’re all pretty lol)
  8. Are you comforting?
  9. How old are you?
  10. Was this good for a first quiz? (Won’t effect score)

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