Are You a True NASCAR Fan?

NASCAR is one of the most famous sports of all time. The cars, the speed, the drivers, the tracks, and especially the checkered flags are all to exiting to ignore.

But are you a fan? Have you ever thought you where a fan? If you have here is a good way to prove it. To be a NASCAR fan you have to know more then just Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty.

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  1. When was NASCAR Founded?
  2. Who won the first NASCAR Championship?
  3. Who has the most NASCAR Championships?
  4. What Number car did Dale Earnhardt drive?
  5. Which of these drivers won the 2012 sprint cup?
  6. Which of these drivers won the 1988 Championship?
  7. Which of these drivers last year is the 2016 Championship?
  8. Which of these drivers has NOT won the Daytona 500?
  9. Which of these Drivers drove the number 55 car for the 2015 season?
  10. Who has the most wins at Infineon Raceway?
  11. Who drove for Matt Kenseth when he was suspended in 2015?
  12. Why was Matt Kenseth suspended?
  13. Who won the 2001 NASCAR Championship?
  14. Who won the 1992 NASCAR Championship?
  15. Which of these drivers has NOT won a NASCAR Championship?(as of 2015)
  16. Which of these drivers won the 2016 Championship?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True NASCAR Fan?