Which English riding sport should you do?

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This is an English equestrian quiz that could give an idea for what sport you should do! There is 5 options you can get: Show jumping, dressage, cross country, eventing, and huntseat!

Have a fun time with this and don’t take it too seriously! I hope you enjoy this and that is it somewhat accurate! If you see any mistakes in the quiz, leave a comment and I will try to fix it! Thanks, Enjoy!

Created by: Horsey Person
  1. How do you face a challenge?
  2. How much do you ride in a work week (5 days)? 1 time per horse. Example: you ride 3 horses in one day = 3 rides
  3. What height of horse do you prefer most? (Hands)
  4. What type of shows do you like?
  5. What color horses do you like best?
  6. What arena would you want to ride in?
  7. What boots do you wear around the barn?
  8. Where should a horse stay while at a weekend show?
  9. If you were to walk in a tack shop and see matching sets on sale (polo raps, saddle pad, shirt, and ear bonnet) what color would you get?
  10. Do you like having a plan for your future or just leave it to find out?

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Quiz topic: Which English riding sport should I do?