Hip-Hop Trivia (hip-hop heads only)

Hip-Hop has a long history. From the East, to West, to Mid-West, to the South there are countless stories, MC's, groups, etc. Are you a true Hip-Hop head?

Do you know who Jamal Barrow is? What about what Nas did after being dissed in a Tupac track? Do you know your Wu-Tang stories? What about hip-hop beefs? Test your knowledge now!

Created by: jake

  1. Which rapper has the Gov. name of Jamal Barrow?
  2. Which Wu-Tang member said he wasn't into Kung Fu?
  3. Common's "The b---- In Yoo" was produced by which legendary producer?
  4. Which West Coast legends are half brothers?
  5. Which Wu-Tang member claimed that U-God almost shot him when they were kids?
  6. Who was in the original Murder Inc.?
  7. Which legendary MC's allegadly attempted to kill himself by jumping out of a window?
  8. Dame Dash claims that DMX and Jay had a huge battle that lasted nearly two hours. There is no tape of it on the net, but Dame said a legendary MC flimed it. Who did Dame claim filmed the battle?
  9. Which Kool Moe Dee album cover shows a jeep running over LL Cool J's hat?
  10. On his "God's Son" album, Nas claims which NY rappers had issues with each other?
  11. In a diss to D12, Royce Da 5'9" mentioned the late Dirty Dozen member, Bugz, causing a major rift between him and the group. What was Royce's explanation for this?
  12. While in the studio, GZA and a legendary producer, witnessed a group of people get robbed. GZA and the producer walked away untouched. Who was the producer?
  13. Which rapper apparently smashed a bottle of champagne over Jay-Z's head?
  14. How did Canibus and Eminem begin their beef?
  15. Who wrote the "Eazy Does It" album?
  16. Big Boi claims that he and Andre 3000 haven't recorded in the same studio together since what album?
  17. Which Mid-West rapper has recently said (on numerous tracks) that he wrote for Puff?
  18. When they first came into the game, Mobb Deep was known as what?
  19. Which Mid-West MC/producer combo were once in a group together, before they both went their seperate ways?
  20. In 2006, ?uestlove said which MC would be the newest member of The Roots?
  21. Which Wu-Tang members were cousins?
  22. Which group does Ghostface Killah claim didn't pay him for working with them?
  23. In a 2002 interview with Rolling Stone, which rapper claimed to never smoke week in his life?
  24. After being dissed by Tupac, Nas claimed that he...
  25. Which rapper released material, while being on the runs from the feds?
  26. What did Game say to put his NWA obsession in question?

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