First Double Call Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Double Call universe. Do you want to know how much trivia you remember from from your favourite manga? What do you know about the lifes of your favourite heroes?

This quiz will give you the result. Please have fun and enjoy. Don't take it too hard if you don't score right, you can try again. Each question is worth 1 point with two bonus questions worth 2 an 3 points.

Created by: Thief
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  1. How many brothers does Sendou have?
  2. What is Touma's jersey number?
  3. What kind of pet does Touma have?
  4. How many days after his injury was Touma unconscious?
  5. When is Sendou's birthday?
  6. Why does Sendou wear glasses?
  7. How old was Akiyoshi when Ai-kun was born?
  8. How did Soichiro die?
  9. What is the name of Ai-kun's best friend?
  10. Hotta's favourite animal?
  11. What is Hotta afraid of the most?
  12. Which team is Yamaoka from?
  13. When Hotta, Sendou and Kunisaki went to visit Touma in the hospital, they met a member of his family. Who was it?
  14. Which of his family members does Sendou resemble the most?
  15. What does bouganvillea mean?
  16. What does the Sendou family run for a business?
  17. What is Hotta's first name?
  18. What car does Kenzaki drive?
  19. What did Sendou want for Christmas present the first year he spent with Touma?
  20. Why did Touma grow his hair long?
  21. Who has jersey number 25?
  22. What was the condition Akiyoshi set to have his and Hotta's relationship move on?
  23. How much does Touma earn a year?
  24. Where did Kenzaki ask Sendou to meet him in the hotel?
  25. What is the age difference between Sendou and his oldest brother?
  26. What is the name of Omito's lover?
  27. Why did Touma transfer to Orioles?
  28. Who are the seiyuus (voice actors) for Hotta and Akiyoshi? Question for 2 points
  29. How many lover couples are there in Double Call (up to the scanlated part)?
  30. What does the kanji for Sendou's surname stand for? Question for 3 points

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