Hiiro Reiichi Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of Hiiro Reiichi's BL universe. Do you want to know how much trivia you remember from from your favourite manga? What do you know about the lifes of your favourite heroes? There're so many of them...

This quiz will give you the result. Please have fun and enjoy. Don't take it too hard if you don't score right, you can try again. Each question is worth 1 point. Each of the mangas (all of them have been scanlated) has 3 questions. Double Call isn't included in this quiz, because it has a separate one. The mangas used here are: Apron wo choushoku, Cold, Hikari to yami no logic, Hyper lover power, Iro wo mo kao wo mo, Love hustler, Me wo tojite oide yo, Nounai renai no susume, Passion fruit, Pistol in one hand, Punch drunk babies, Tsuki no Hikari mo Todokudarou, Wild fish. To make your life a lesser hell, I've added few hints for questions I consider difficult {the manga's name in the brackets}.

Created by: Makai Thief
  1. Which vegetable does Mizuki dislike? (PT)
  2. Ayame is…?
  3. Why did Yuma fall in love with Mito?
  4. Ryo and Kaname are Yu’s…?
  5. What was the first meal Shirakawa prepared for Takano? (Ap)
  6. What club was Yuki Odagiri in during highschool?
  7. What or who is kappa in japanese?
  8. What is Amamiya’s secret kink? (NRS)
  9. What is the tattoo on Kaga’s back?
  10. When will Ayase change into a merman?
  11. What colour are Sora’s eyes?
  12. Choose the right couple. (LH)
  13. What is the name of hotel where Jin Igarashi is a manager?
  14. What does Yuma’s name mean in Japanese?
  15. Kaga is Haruhi’s…?
  16. What is Yu’s lover’s profession?
  17. How long was Hiro gone before Takuro found him on the beach?
  18. Characters from which series have cameos in COLD?
  19. Which weight class is Kyouhei?
  20. What is the name of department Sakura works in? (HYL)
  21. What is dr. Mine’s nickname?
  22. What is the name of Kei’s parrot?
  23. Kaga’s chinese name is…?
  24. Which of these wasn’t among Sakura’s disguises?
  25. How did Shirakawa and Takano meet?
  26. If Kotaro is a sun, then Takuro is a …? (THT)
  27. What is Genkai’s most appealing trait (according to Shima)? (IWMKWM)
  28. Fill in the missing family member: Miyuki, Shougo and …? (PT)
  29. What is Sakuya obsessed about? (WF)
  30. How does Masato call Hiyama?
  31. A cockatrice is…?
  32. What’s the difference between Takanashi twins?
  33. Kaoru a and Mizuki are…? (PT)
  34. What is superintendant Samejima’s special ability?
  35. Why did Hiro’s brother wanted to imprison him?
  36. Pick the right order of Mito’s affairs? (MWTOY)
  37. What is Shirakawa’s current job?
  38. The special powers of cockatrices and basilisks are…?
  39. How did Kaguya lost his sight?

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