Patriotic Symbol

We have been discussing patriotic symbols for a few days now. I have supplied you with a trivia quiz and don't worry, it is NOT for a grade. This is to see if you did your online and text research and if you truly understand all there is to know about US symbols.

Remember, this is not for a grade. This is for you to evaluate how much you know about the symbols. Have fun with it and feel free to use your gathered information during the trivia quiz.

Created by: Jenny of Classroom 101
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  1. What state is Mount Rushmore in?
  2. What do the red stripes on the American flag represent?
  3. Where is the Liberty Bell located?
  4. What is our national flower?
  5. Why is the national bird called a "bald" eagle?
  6. When is it suspected Uncle Sam came along?
  7. Which of the following men contributed to the creation of the Great Seal?
  8. Where did the words and music of Yankee Doodle come from?
  9. What war did the national anthem originate?
  10. What resides in the Capitol building?

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