Zac Efron Trivia Quiz

ARE YOU READY? Ready for what you say? Ready to take on The challenge that is THE ZAC EFRON TRIVIA QUIZ!! Prepare to learn everything from his birth place to his hidden talent. I myself am (of course) a Zac expert. I got a 100% on THIS quiz-what about you???

So... Do you know the real Zac Efron? Do you have the knowledge to call yourself a ZAC EXPERT? this title is only given to very special people. Are you one of them? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: MzEfron
  1. Which Movie did Zac Efron NOT act in?
  2. Has Zac ever been arrested?
  3. If Zac was arrested, what was it for?
  4. Where did Zac and his Sweetheart,Vanessa Hudgens, go for vacation?
  5. What is Zac's character name in High School Musical
  6. WHat was his character's name in the movie Hairspray??
  7. Who sung Zac Efron's SOngs in the movie HIgh School Musical?
  8. WHich one of the following can Zac do?
  9. What month was he born?
  10. What is Efron's born name?

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