Do you know everything about Zac Efron

There are so many people like me who know everything the need to know anout Zac Efron. We research, visit sites; I go to Some of you never heard of him. Get to know him! He's really HOTT!

Do you know about Zac Efron? Could you be his long lost sister? Do you know more about him then himself? Could you possibably be his truly his #1 fan? Would you know him in an heartbeat?

Created by: Sarah

  1. What is his full name?
  2. When was he born?
  3. Where was be born & where was he raised?
  4. His height?
  5. What is his nickname(s)?
  6. What age was he when he took his first step toward acting?
  7. How many plays did he star before he got guest roles in TV shows?
  8. What month and year did he grauduate out of high school?
  9. What is his favorite baseball team?
  10. What is his favorite movie?
  11. What number was he in the TV Guide Top 10 Teen Star Countdown?
  12. What is his favorite superhero?
  13. True or False: Is he a flirtatious guy?
  14. True or False: His he ticklish?
  15. True or False: Can he Juggle?
  16. What is one of his greatest fear?
  17. Name his pets
  18. What town would he like to visit?
  19. Is he a Total Prankster?
  20. What is my nickname for him?

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Quiz topic: Do I know everything about Zac Efron