How Much Of a Met Fan Are You?

I wanted to make this quiz to see how many big Met fans [like me] there are in the world! It asks question about the players, games, and history about the team. If you think your a big Met fan, then take the challenge and do your best to answer the 20 questions I've made up. Good Luck!

Please, I ask you to not cheat and look up the answers on Google, because that just shows that you really don't know anything about the Mets. Take it fairly. After all, this quiz is supposed to tell you honestly how MUCH of a Met fan you are. Have Fun!!

Created by: lexi
  1. Who is the current left-fielder for the Mets?
  2. Who is the youngest Mets player on the ACTIVE roster?
  3. Who is the former starting pitcher who recently got pushed down to a reliever?
  4. What MLB team did Mets recent addition to the roster Marlon Anderson come from?
  5. What were the years of the Mets World Series wins?
  6. Who was the young left-fielder who made the "Strength to be There Catch" in the 2006 postseason?
  7. Who was recently hired as the first-base coach for the Mets?
  8. Who is the current MANAGER for the Mets?
  9. Who is the current GENERAL MANAGER for the Mets?
  10. Which of these teams has swept the Mets in a 3-game series this year?
  11. Besides the closer, who is the pitcher with the best ERA in the BULLPEN [not a starting pitcher]?
  12. Which Met starting pitcher currently won his 300th career win?
  13. Which Met player is also commonly known as "El Duque"?
  14. This year, how many of the Mets starting pitchers had at least 12 wins before th All-Star break?
  15. What were the outcomes of this year's 2 Subway Series for the Mets?
  16. Who is the only Met to have maintained at least a .300 batting average this year from the beginning of the season?
  17. Who is the youngest Met to be on both the active and inactive roster at different times this year? [Hint: he was recently put on DL]
  18. Which Met hit a walk-off homerun at Shea stadium against the Los Angeles Dodgers to win 2 out of 3 in a 3-game series dated June 23rd?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of a Met Fan am I?