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There are NFL fans. Then there is NFL fans that know what they are talking about. Do you know what you are talking about? See how much you know and let me know the results.

This quiz will test your knowledge on were players went to college. It will also ask on were some franchises moved from and what state teams play their home games.

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  1. What team drafted Brett Favre?
  2. What city did the Colts play in before Indianapolis?
  3. How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino win?
  4. Eli Manning was drafted by what team?
  5. Who was the last NFL team to go undefeated?
  6. Who was the last team to not win a game in a season?
  7. In what state does the Kansas City Chiefs play in?
  8. What state does the New York Giants play?
  9. What state does the Redskins play their home games?
  10. Were did Drew Brees go to college?
  11. Were did Jerry Rice go to college?
  12. Who is the shortest player in the NFL?
  13. What is the most northern NFL franchise?
  14. Were did the Arizona Cardinals franchise originally play?
  15. How many NFL teams use a bird as its logo?

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