Are you a WWE nerd?

The WWE has millions (and millions) of fans around the globe, and you just tested to see if you are the legendary super fan! That's how superstars are made, and after superstars, we have legends. And we need people to remember those legends, and that is where the fans come in.

But the fans tend to not pay attention to the details and to forget the legends and superstars that worked so hard to entertain them!That is why the super fan is needed, so every detail is remembered, now, then, and forever.

Created by: Robert Kettl

  1. Who was the first royal rumble winner?
  2. Who was the Rock's grandfather?
  3. What was the main event of wrestlemainia 19?
  4. A-Train returned to the WWE as...
  5. Who was the first hall of fame inductee?
  6. Who was on team wwe when they faced the alliance?
  7. Who is recognized as the face of the WWE as of the royal rumble in 2015? According to the authority.
  8. Who is a cheap buy off of Chris Benoit? Using his crossface and diving headbutt?
  9. Name John Cena's original stage name.
  10. Who do you think is the best WWE wrestler ever?
  11. What is considered a forgien object?
  12. What was the main event at the first wrestlemainia?
  13. Who was the first WWE/WWF champion?
  14. What is Jim Duggans finisher?
  15. Who beat HHH and HBK to win the world heavyweight championship in 2004?
  16. Why does the WWE want to erase Chris Benoit from history?
  17. Who was the first grandslam champion?

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Quiz topic: Am I a WWE nerd?