Legends of Tokoro Failed Lemon Scene: RPG

It is RPG time. This highlights the scene in Legends of Tokoro 2 where Jay attemps to do his routines with Hinata Hyuga. You can either help stop it, ot you dont help stop it

RPGs are supposed to be fun, so I hope this one will be fun for you. If you get a chance, check out Legends of Tokoro on fanfiction along with its sequel Legends of Tokoro 2 and collection of shorts Legends of Tokoro Shorts

Created by: Devin Calmary
  1. Okay, so you were sleeping and were woken up by someone using a jutsu. What is your first thought?
  2. You looked out your tent and saw Pinkie, Sylvi, Gaara, Kiba, and Naruto running toward Hinata's tent. You ask Sylvi what is going on, and she answers she really doesnt know.
  3. You follow the five into Hinata's tent. You see Hinata just finishing her Protective Eight Trigrams. You see a beat up Jay. What do you say?
  4. Naruto asks Hinata what happened, ans she blushed and explains what happened. Naruto then gets mad at Jay and is about to fight Jay. Pinkie then says to leave those two to their business. You say...
  5. You leave and go to Pinkie's tent. Pinkie and Hinata are sitting on a sleeping bag, Gaara is standing around, Sylvi and Kiba are pacing around. What are you doing?
  6. Just then the two tents collapse.
  7. After Gaara uses his sand to pitch the tents back up, Naruto comes in. He says he taught Jay a lesson.
  8. Pinkie runs out od the tent. Several second later, she comes back in and tells everyone they can sleep!
  9. What do you do before you drift off to sleep?
  10. End of rp!

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