Are you a scene kid

Are you a scene? Hopefully. Are you a emo? Maybe. Are you a poser? GOD FORBID! This quiz is to see if your a scene or not! Please remember this is not to offend anybody and you don't have to become scene!

A lot of people have been making scene and emo goth etc tests and I thought it would be intrestting to make a scene test cause I myself am a scene this test is just for fun!

Created by: dalila

  1. Hello there!!!! cx
  2. Why are you taking this quiz?
  3. How do you normally dress?
  4. What's your hair color and style?
  5. Do you like Carebears, Hello Kitty, etc other childish stuff?
  6. What bands do you listen to?
  7. Do you say stuff like "I love cuppycakes" and "snugglezz"?
  8. Do you love to take pictures of you?
  9. The test is coming to an end... did ya like it?
  10. Byeziez!

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Quiz topic: Am I a scene kid