WWE Finishers Quiz

Do you know the WWE? Do you know the Superstars? Do you know their Finishers? Then take the WWE Finishers Quiz to test your knowledge on the WWE Finishers, and superstars!

If you think you know all about the WWE. Think Again!!! This quiz tests your brains on the WWE! Superstars all have finishers! So it's best to remember them! Sometimes superstars name their finishers after themselves!!! So can you answer them? Are you the one? Can you name every finisher? and most importantly... Are You Ready?

Created by: bla
  1. Who does the RKO?
  2. The 619 is performed by who?
  3. The Twist of Fate is performed by which team?
  4. Who does the Moonlight Drive?
  5. Which finisher is done by MVP?
  6. Which finisher requires aerial maneuvers?
  7. Which WWE Legend executes the Stunner?
  8. Which aerial finisher is done by RVD?
  9. Which move is not done by Triple H?
  10. Which move is not done by John Cena?

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