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  • WWWOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! TURNS OUT I NO A LOT ABOUT WWE FINISHERS!!!! I GOT 90 FREAKN PERCENT DUDE!!!!!! I WISH I WOULDV GOTIN 100 PERCENT THOUGH, THEN I WOULD HAVE BEEN A GENIUS!!!!!!! Oh yeah, a lot of people think WWE is fake now in days, and I REALLY get pissed when people say that. To prove that it isn't, GO TO WWW.YOUTUBE.COM and search for the video, WRESTLING ISN'T FAKE, IT'S SCRPITED. Thanks to every WWE fan out there! Oh, and for those WWE haters: BE DAMED TO F***N HELL YOU SAMF'S!!!!!!!!!!D=<

  • i always get what i want 100%

    Rated R teen
  • lol 100% this is too easy


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