Amitabh Bachchan Trivia

Sure, you have seen Amitabh movies and considere youyrself an Amitabh fan...You call yoyrself a Amitabh fan, try out this quiz and we will surely know as we check you on the Amitabh Trivia quiz.

An Amitabh fan you call yourself, well our quiz is gonna tell you where you stand in terms of being a fan of the Big B. Surely it would take more than just watching a few flicks of the superstar

Created by: Shabbir Merchant
  1. Amitabh's first movie
  2. Amitabh's usual screen name
  3. Amitabh's first negative role
  4. Amitabh's movie based on Reservoir Dogs, The
  5. Who was the heroine with Amitabh in Beraham
  6. Great Gambler had these stars besides Amitabh, who was not there
  7. Namak Halal did not have this co-star
  8. Parveen Babi did not star in this movie with Amitabh
  9. Amitabh son name is
  10. Which Amitabh movie was remade

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