2006-2007 NFL Trivia

Here are 10 trivia questions to see how well you paid attention to the NFL last season. I know alot of you guys watch football so lets see who has the best memory?

Dont cheat!!! The winner of this contest gets a brand new shinny box of NOTHING!! This is annoying cus i have to make this atleast 150 letters and im running out of stuff to type and its pissing me off!!!

Created by: joe c

  1. How many total TD's did LT score for the Chargers in the Playoffs?
  2. Who led the Colts in recieving yardage in the regular season?
  3. Out of the following QBs who had the most passing yards in the regular season?
  4. Out of the following, who had the most yards rushing in the regular season?
  5. Which one of the following did NOT have atleast 10 sacks in the regular season?
  6. How many teams had a record below .500 last season?
  7. Which of these teams did NOT make the playoffs last season?
  8. What QB had the most yards passing in the 2006 preseason?
  9. Who had the most yards recieving in the playoffs?
  10. What team had the best regular season record?

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