Are you Anthony or Ian from Smosh?

Ever wondered which Smosh character you were more like, Anthony or Ian? Well this is the quiz where you can find all this out and what rolls Ian and Anthony have in making the smosh videos so great.

Some smosh videos include, There Will Be Pokemon, Left Handed, Food Battle 2006 and 2007, Liscense Test, Pokemon Theme Song, and Stranded. Check these videos out on Youtube or

Created by: Rangerfan
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  1. Do you have problems jumping over boxes?
  2. You just won the Food battle what are you going to do now?
  3. Did you run over Sparky?
  4. Are you an axe murderer?
  5. You are stranded who do you eat first?
  6. Friendship always wins!
  7. In pokemon what would you be the trainer or the pokemon?
  8. Hiring new Smosh replacement!
  9. Is Wii tennis a phsically demanding sport?
  10. Is passing your driving test easy?

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Quiz topic: Am I Anthony or Ian from Smosh?