I'm writing a story

well if you are one of the rare people who acually read this congrats!! you win nothing! anywho I need a title for my story. any sugutions??? I feel like i spelled that wrong

okay so here is my second paragraph...;....(oops!i put a ; in there)I really love smosh!Ilove smosh!I totally love smosh! though seriously I do. do you?

Created by: tigergrl

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  1. Okay, so I'm writing this story and I'm having trouble with the title. Can you help?
  2. Okay so now that answer#3 has a coughdrop let me tell you the problem. I'm writing a story about a girl who lives with her mom, dad, brother, and sister and her family(so brother inlaw, 2 nephews, and grandma). (I have a Title for that one) But, before that there was.....*drumroll*...THE MOVE!(me:lol :)I love sounding so dramatic)
  3. This Girl, Sky, doesn't want to move cuz she's leaving her friends behind, ect. ect. All the reason not to move, but her dad lost his job and her brother inlaw did too so they have to move to the country together. well not really the country, but it's really far out and off to one side it has a big field and a lake on the other and a big woods out back.
  4. okay so basicly that was all I really had to say. Sooooo.......*really akward silence* Oh my cheez, I'm like the queen of akward silences. when ever I talk to people theres like this huge akward silence after. we just stand there not looking at each other kinda nodding our heads. you know?
  5. WHAT?!?! I Have To Write 12 Questions?!?!?1?! That's not fair! oh my god, I'm so stupid. It's like staring at me and never saw it till now.
  6. ugh. I have to add 4 more qustions.
  7. so who wants to sing the fanny pack song with me?*sings with all the member of the smosh sisterhood.* walking down the street and everybody's staring,just jealous of what I'm wearing, hot pink and matches my briches!!
  8. ohhh... I'm so bored. Okay so just leave your idea for a title in the coments okay?
  9. Yay only 2 more questions!!
  10. okay last question...........HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE SMOSH?!?!?!

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