The mystery of the missing crush

A thrilling, awesome story about a boy, another boy, a girl, and... Well, you get the point. Just read my story! Oh, and comment, too. Plleeaassee!!!!

Read this! Its a thrilling, awesome story about a boy, another boy, a girl, and... Well, you get the point. Just read my story! Oh, and comment, too. This is a cool story.

Created by: ilovepuppyz

  1. Linzy dragged herself into the classroom and dropped her backpack by her seat. Her hair was messed up, her teeth unbrushed, and she had no makeup or jewelry on. She had woken up late, so she didn't have any time to make herself look good.
  2. The teacher started talking, so she started listening. She might have been tired, but she would always be a good student. "Okay class. We need to go into the computer lab to type up our essays," the teacher said. Peyton walked up to Linzy on his way out. "Can I sit by you?" "Sure," she said. The walked down the hall together, talking.
  3. When they got in there, there weren't any two seats close together. "Sorry, Peyton," Linzy said. "It's fine," Peyton said, and found a seat. When Linzy sat down, she started typing really fast.
  4. After a while,someone knocked on the door. "Come in," said the teacher. Linzy was too busy typing to notice who it was. "Is this the smallest class?" "I think so," said the teacher. "In that case, I have a new student here. His name is Dakota." She pushed a boy to the door. Linzy looked up to see what he looked like. What she saw amazed her.
  5. She looked at the boy, unable to take her eyes off of him. He was tall, with long, beautiful blonde hair. She always loved sort of long hair, like Peyton had. But he... he was even better. Absolutely perfect.
  6. "Is there an open seat somewhere?" Dakota asked. Quickly, Linzy pushed the person next to her onto the ground and out of their seat. "There's an open seat right here, by me." Dakota walked over to her and sat down.
  7. "So, Dakota," Linzy began. "Where did you move from?" "It really doesn't matter. The girls there aren't near as pretty as the girls here." Dakota smiled. Linzy giggled.
  8. Peyton glared angrily at Dakota. The bell rang, meaning class was over. "So, Dakota..." Peyton said in the crowded hall. "I hear you uh, you got a lot of girls in your last school." "Yeah, I guess so." Dakota replied. "Well, you see, it ain't gonna be liked that around here," Peyton said. Dakota looked puzzled. "Look, just remember. I'm the jock, not you buddy."
  9. Like my story?
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