Why are you his missing puzzle piece? (Girls only) 8)

Hi guyz!Are you wondering what your crush finds in you? take this quiz and you will find out what he truly sees in you! Please If your a guy GET OUT! SHOO >:(

Thanks :) Okay girls! This quiz is professional and true. Dont believe me? go ask your crush yourself then. Or you can keep it secret by taking this! Be honest and truthful x33 :D

Created by: gothgirl68 of gothgirl68.wordpress.com
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  1. Boo! your crush just got grounded for breaking curfew!!! O: WTF! you:
  2. So lets be real here wich celeb couple do you think has a love that will last?
  3. Its not the nicest memory, but has your crush ever burped or farted in front of you?
  4. In your opinion you think Taylor Swift has bad luck with guys because:
  5. Your bff just asks you to plan her b-day party for her this year. You:
  6. Has your crush been your crush for more than a few months?
  7. Wich movie princess do you relate to? (if you dont like princess pik the stupid random one~ It will have no effect ;D)
  8. Bummer! your crush just told you he has to go to summer school. you:
  9. Wich love song best describes how you feel about your crush?
  10. Your parents get into a fight while your crush is over at your house. You:
  11. OH NOE DUDE you get a zit RIGHT before your date! what do you do!?? you:
  12. Last question. When it comes to dating you tend to play the role play of:

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Quiz topic: Why am I his missing puzzle piece? (Girls only) 8)