dead life story3

Hey people! Sorry it's so long! I hope you like it and you might think on giving me some comments. Never mind....But think about it plz LOL. You just

Need To know this: lace is in this quiz! I know we all though lace was gone for good. I did too. But I going to add more twists in my next quiz. Oh and another one of my quizzes are comeing out it's call mystery murder the missing gem. Plz take it!! When it comes out

Created by: singin234

  1. His hair was brown with black tips at the end. EYES were brown too but with some grey in it. ITS CUTER THAN IT SOUNDS!!!! WOW you think smileing. he smiles too! ty looks angry, bryan is calrm, carter is looking around. and dust looking away from you. "i am alex. and you are ***" the brown hair person said. you nod. than you see a tall man way older than you. hes alexs DAD gruff!!!! (weird name i know) you all sit down you sit beside Bryan. the only normal person lately. dusts head has been in the sky! carter is not talking to you!!!! AWW ty is yelling now you realised "GRUFF YOU MONESTER!!! YOU MADE ME EVIL!!!!" Ty was yelling. Gruff yells back "WELL IT WAS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!! I HATED YOU" ty was about to yell something back when you but in "STOP!!! GROW UP THE BOTH OF YOU I HAVE HAD IT" you scream. you go to your room get changed into shorts and top than you go outside
  2. You run and run until your into the forest. Than you see a boy. your age. he is a....a..ghost!!! He was pale. It looked like his hair used to be dirty blond. His eyes were a faded grey. He waved to you. You waved back. Than he started calling you "***, ***, come, come to me" He called. You turn your head and started running AGAIN
  3. This time you smash the door open and run to your room. The lean on the door and close your eyes. Downstairs you hear Bryan say "Did she have to smash the door down?" You open you eyes to see the ghost boy AGAIN. This time he says "Bell...i wount hurt you i am helping you...or trying to..." Then he is gone. You lay on you bed looking up at the fan. How is he helping me? you think to yourself. Then Carter came in. "Hey you, I am going away for a week. I though i would say bye" He said. " hate going away"You remind him. But somethings wrong with him their is hate in his eyes. "Well, peopel change. unlike you" He saids as he storms away. Nezxt is paul "I am sorry. I love lace AGAIN i have to go find her" Paul says as he goes running down the hallway. Ty walks up you alen behind him. "Hey, i have to get away from Alex and Gruff for a bit so i am going away too!" Ty says then he jumps out the window. Alex needs to say something too. "Me and my dad are going away too. so you will be left with bryan"
  4. A 2 days goes past. Your loney...ghost boy no show. Bryan too busy for you. Then you see a picture of carter. it was taken long before he went away. his eyes chanded since then. dose that mean he has been controlled!!!!!!!!! aND PAUL HIM TOO!! Lace got alex here so Ty would go away. and alex left becuase he didnt want you too find out. Bryan he is contolled by lace and ghost boy is the only person you can trust
  5. ok thats it sorry its no long!! who do you like:
  6. press other one if its no one of these
  7. Hey I making a quiz called Mystery murder the missing gem. Plz take it when it's done. I hope you will like it!!!!!
  8. Sorry if you didn't get the guy you wanted! You can get up to 7 guys ghost boy Paul dust byran Carter Alex Ty.
  9. Today i wearing
  10. Ok bye

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