Day of the Dead Quiz

One of the most unusual, interesting, and famous holidays in the world is the Day of the Dead, celebrated in Mexico. From toy skeletons to sugar skulls, this is one fascinating celebration!

How much do YOU know about the Day of the Dead? If you get 100%, you know as much as me. If you get any lower... I guess that means I'm smarter, doesn't it? :)

Created by: Grace T

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  1. When is El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the dead) celebrated?
  2. Which country is famous for celebrating El Dia de los Muertos?
  3. Who or what supposedly returns during this time?
  4. What special celebrations and ceremonies take place?
  5. Why is the holiday celebrated?
  6. What types of food and drink are prepared?
  7. What happens at the cemetery?
  8. What signifigance to monarch butterflies have for this holiday?
  9. How are the toy skeletons dressed and why?
  10. How are the skulls decorated?
  11. How are the souls of young children honored?
  12. How are the adult souls honored?
  13. What is on an altar?

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