which left 4 dead survivor are you

Do you play left 4 dead? Do you always wonder who you are in this game? Well I created this quiz to know who you are inside and out. For sure I know who you will get alright. You will also get to know your survivors in left 4 dead. okay have fun

Will take this quiz? Do you really want to know who you are? Then take the quiz right now so you will really know who you are but who will be the one. Is it Francis or maybe zoey or maybe the old guy bill or maybe louis one who everybody likes.

Created by: the man who got something

  1. Which one of this clothing would you pick?
  2. Pick a weapon.
  3. How strong are you?
  4. What is your hairstyle?
  5. Which survivor would you always protect?
  6. What type are you?
  7. What special infected you can handle all by yourself?
  8. Whic special infected you can't handle?
  9. Who do you care the most?
  10. Which do you hate?

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Quiz topic: Which left 4 dead survivor am I