What immortal are you?

People had been always scared from dead. They often thought, that if there was a malady in the family, then a person dies, and the malady didn't stop, the dead one is not alive, but not dead yet. The science was restrained at the time, so that's why even we know about some kinds of immortals.

What do you feel like? A ghost? Vampire? You can try this quiz and find out, what immortal monster you are, and also know, if you are powerful, or weak.

Created by: Killer

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  1. Where would you like to be bury?
  2. How did you died?
  3. I just found an eye!
  4. Can you change into an animal?
  5. What do you usually do?
  6. Do you have to keep yourself out of the light?
  7. Does your body looks harmonic? (For those who didn't understand: does your body looks like it's really one body, and not mix of more?)
  8. Could you be in school?
  9. Pizza with garlick?
  10. Last question: what movies are you usually in?

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Quiz topic: What immortal am I?