are you alive or dead?

Most people think they are alive but some may not be. Alive in this is not used like are you alive on the inside but are you truly alive. Alive meaning your not rotting in a coffin. Hopefully your are not!

Are you alive or are you just wishing you were? Or did you not even know you died? Maybe you are alive i dont know and if you dont know ether Take this and you will find out?

Created by: kira louise
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you do drugs?
  2. where do you live?
  3. Are you emo?
  4. have you been in a car crash?
  5. Are most of your friends Dead?
  6. do you have some life threating illness?
  7. have you been bitten by an animal with rabis?
  8. do you think your dead?
  9. whats your hair colour?
  10. do you smell bad?
  11. do you live with your close family?

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Quiz topic: Am I alive or dead?