How brain dead are you?

As human beings, our brains sometimes get overheated. This results in temporary brain deadness. Side effects can include hallucinations, sudden exhaustion, drooling, head aches, stupidity, and loss of social status.

But is there hope? Can you find a way to defeat the embarassment of brain deadness? How bad has your brain gotten? Is it even still alive?!? Take this quiz to find out how much of your brain is still alive.

Created by: Caitlin of Cakelynn's Ramblings
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  1. Finish this statement in the way you feel is most appropriate. "My brain..."
  2. Today was...
  3. If you could ask your person of choice a question, could get the answer you wanted, and forever believe that answer is correct, which question would it be?
  4. I am...
  5. I see...
  6. How do you feel about your current state of mind?
  7. What are you doing?
  8. Which statement makes the most sense to you at the moment?
  9. What do you need to do most at the moment?
  10. How do you feel about Christmas right now?
  11. Last of all, if you could give yourself a rating of the amount of brain activity going on, what would it be?

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Quiz topic: How brain dead am I?