Would you survive Z-Day II?

I can survive Z-Day II, seeing as I'm gonna be/I am the director.How would you like to see if you're going to survive my movie/movie to be.A survivor is an extraordinary person, with an uncanny ability to stay alive.Even when death comes in the form of a corpse.A dead, rotting corpse.

But MY question is, would YOU survive Z-Day II?Are you that extraordinary person with an uncanny-blah blah blah blah blah(that's idontcarish for ability to stay alive)?Until now you can only imagine.But thanks to this genius quiz, you can finally find out.Thank you, thank you.

Created by: Robert
  1. You and your girlfriend are walking through the cemetery, suddenly you two hear a noise what do you suppose it is?
  2. Its a zombie suddenly, it infects your girlfriend, you have zombie weapons and, salt in the car.What do you do?
  3. you got into the car and start it,Where do you go?
  4. Your in the city, there's a whole bunch of infected,What do you do?
  5. You get to a logging store, and you have no chainsaw, and your shotgun is out of ammo.What do you get?
  6. You lose the new chainsaw, your weapons are gone,and all you have is salt.There is a zombie in front of you.What do you do out of two options?
  7. Your girlfriend gets cured, and calls shotgun in the car.You get into the driver's seat what do you do?
  8. Your girlfriend gets into the helicopter.What you do?
  9. You are on your way to the helicopter when, you spot a zombie.Do you use the salt?
  10. When you take your first step you have your shot gun locked and loaded,You see a zombie going towards your girlfriend.What do you do?
  11. When you shoot the zombie you are in the helicopter.What do you do?

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