will you survive the zombie apocalypes

there are alot survivors,and alot of survivors in the modern day.what is a survivor.a survivor who does what he can to stay alive no matter what and I think there is one in you.

are you a survivor?prove to me you are a survivor by taking this quiz and I will tell you is you are or not.I want you to prove me wrong or right.just do it and find out.

Created by: chris

  1. when it all starts what will you do?
  2. pick a weapon
  3. pick a melee weapon
  4. if a fellow survivor is sick where do you look to get medicine
  5. on scavenge runs. who would you have your back (just for fun)
  6. a fellow survivor is bit what do you do
  7. where would you and your group hold up in
  8. if a other survivor is in need of help while your on a scavenge run what do you do
  9. you now have a society what type of system do you have
  10. there is another group who keeps on threatening you if you don't give them your supplies what do you do
  11. your at war with another group what do you do
  12. you killed there leader and armed forces what do you do to the rest of their group. (like women and children)
  13. did you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Will I survive the zombie apocalypes