What insect are you?

There are many insects out there, but only the strongest survive. All species are exceptional, of course. What is an insect? Nothing but another being, who can see eye to eye with another kind, and look forward to their next move as a survivor. Each life has a mind with one thought after every day's adventure: "What next?"

All insects are special, but which kind would YOU fall under? Do you have the agility of the cockroach? The intelligence of the horse-fly? In just a few minutes, you will find out who you are in the great world of survivors.

Created by: shoutathephoenix
  1. What's your favorite color of the following?
  2. Which is your best skill?
  3. Social or solitary?
  4. What is your favorite food?
  5. You are in a fight. What is your best defense?
  6. Where would you best make your home?
  7. Do you like to learn?
  8. You are allowed to have a pet. Which would you most likely choose?
  9. You are an insect. What do you do if a human walks up to you?
  10. You are an insect. What stereotype do humans see you as?

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Quiz topic: What insect am I?