Which Species are You from Myra?

Myra is an unexplored island with wildlife and nature galore, there are four giant species of reptile inhabiting this island, some reptiles rule the day time, some rule the night. This little world is a dangerous place, introduce yourself into it by finding out what species you would be!

The four species will remain hidden, on its debut, a story will soon be released of all of these creatures in align! I hope you enjoy this, remember that each creature can have different color variations, some with dramatic color changes, and some with little color changes such as hue or darkness.

Created by: Spookkiin
  1. Do you often find yourself wanting to just be alone, away from others?
  2. Do you find yourself to be powerful and strong?
  3. Would you say you're a fast runner?
  4. Are you mean/aggressive to everyone? Even family members.
  5. Do you have a fear of accidentally hurting people you care about?
  6. Do you often find yourself protecting others, mostly those who are smaller and more vulnerable than you are?
  7. Do you find yourself awake more during the day time?
  8. Do you like lizards?
  9. Do you like skeletons?
  10. Do you like science, chemicals etc?
  11. Do you like Cats?

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Quiz topic: Which Species am I from Myra?