Wildlife Quiz 1

Leopard.tv is a Wildlife App with numerous photos, videos and articles of wildlife and related. We have the service of a Professor who supplies us with scientific and other interesting facts on wildlife.

This is the first of many Wildlife Quizzes we are putting out there for the entertainment and/or education of the public. The quiz is short and informative.

Created by: Esna Du Pisani
  1. A warthog boar has two prominent facial warts?
  2. Why do cats and dogs sometimes eat grass?
  3. What is the gestation period of the Cape eland?
  4. How big is the heart of a giraffe?
  5. What is pika?
  6. The horns of a gemsbok bull are longer than that of a cow?
  7. What is the average weight of a leopard cub at birth?
  8. Are hawk-eagles monogamous?
  9. Do the flowers of water lilies stay open?
  10. What is a klipspringer?
  11. What is a klipspringer?
  12. What is a klipspringer?

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