Kestrel true or false quiz

Britain is a country of animal lovers, but whilst many could answer questions on dogs or cats, how much does the average person really know about our native species? Take this quiz on the Kestrel (Britain's most wide-spread bird of prey) and show us what you know.

Call yourself an animal lover? How much do you really know about Britain's native wildlife? Take this quiz on the majestic kestrel and find out. No cheating!

Created by: Lizzy Dening

  1. Kestrels can see near ultraviolet light, meaning they can pick up minute trails of rodent urine when hunting
  2. Kestrels are the only bird of prey not to produce pellets of indigestible food
  3. The name "˜kestrel' comes from the French word for wastrel
  4. The kestrel is the only bird of prey to have perfected the "˜hover'
  5. Between 1995-2000 the kestrel population only dropped by 2%
  6. Kestrels rely so heavily on finding prey along verges, special nest boxes have recently been erected along major roads
  7. Kestrels will happily live in mountainous areas
  8. A kestrels could spot and catch a beetle from a distance of 50m
  9. Kestrels have learnt to watch farmers - as tractors will often flush out prey
  10. Kestrels are currrently unprotected in this country

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