What would you do?(Kestrel's Story)

What Would You Do is a role play type quiz where you are a character in a story and you make the decisions as if you were in their shoes! It's really fun and not hard to do, and each story has six different endings, each one achievable depending on the choices you make in the story!

In this What Would You Do you are Kestrel, an Albino Beige Poison Dragon. She lives in Mythicalia, a kingdom full of mythical creatures. Follow her through her adventures and make decisions that only you can make. You could end up as a Wyvern, or a domesticated dragon if you like, with your sister, Gryph, you could be the ultimate clutz and Destroy and entire ecosystem by accident, you could Settle Down with a male of your own, you could move to the desert and become a Loner, you could grow sneaky habits and become a Prisoner, or you could show kindness and leadership and become Royalty. The choices are yours and yours alone. Good luck!

Created by: Anon E. Mous
  1. It's morning. You wake up to a shining sun. You stretch and yawn for a start, and eat a fresh breakfast of hawk, then start your day properly. What is your first activity of the day?
  2. After you finish, your sister, a tamed air dragon, or an air Wyvern, named Gryph, flies over. It's pretty rare that she's allowed to come over from her ranch to see you, so you ask her what's up. "A few unicorns have wandered over to this side of the region. Can you help us look for them?" she frantically asks. What do you say?
  3. The unicorns are found,and all is calm. Then, Gryph comes over and speaks to you. "My humans are letting me off duty for a while, so I need some place to stay. Can I stay with you?" she says. What is your response?
  4. When Gryph returns home, you find yourself invited to The Grand Feast, a special dragon occasion that few are invited to. When you get there, what do you do?
  5. You return home, exhausted from the night of fun. You decide to take the rest of the night to rest, so you can decide on one activity to do. What is that activity?
  6. The next morning, there is a knock at the entrance of your den. It wakes you up from a good dream about flying free in the jungle, and you're pretty tired. What do you do?
  7. It's Molar, a thorn dragon friend of yours. "I was hoping that you could come over and watch my daughter, Sora, later today," she says. What is your reaction?
  8. You're heading to Molar's den when you see a small dog ahead of you. What do you do?
  9. After you do whatever you did with the dog, you see a planet dragon named Mars flying at you at full speed, completely oblivious to you. What do you do?
  10. After you get done with the Mars fiasco, you head to Molar's den. After you're done baby sitting for her, you head home, only to be stopped by a soldier. "Miss Kestrel? We have heard that you are visiting human territory without a pass. What is your plea?" he says.
  11. The soldier nods and says, "I'll look into this. You be careful, and don't you go sour if you aren't already." You wince at his words as he walks away. While you're in town, you figure you ought to do something. What do you do?
  12. Upon sunset, you return home, and have a quiet evening by yourself (with your dog if you took it home in part 10). Time passes and you soon become sleepy and fall asleep. What is your dream about?
  13. When you wake up, you realize that it's time to get a pass to visit Gryph. You fly to the check-in/out building and get a pass, then fly to human territory. You fly over, and land a second, only to find yourself with a collar around your neck and a leash pulling you to Gryph's ranch. What do you do?
  14. "You're kidding," replies Gryph when you tell her your story. "They wouldn't accept the pass?" What do you do?
  15. After a little more chatting with Gryph, you're both herded out the door and into a field of unicorns. "What now?" You ask. "Head count," Gryph replies. "Ther should be fifty." You start counting the unicorns, herding counted ones into a pen. What are you thinking?
  16. You have to do Wyvern jobs until one of the caretakers finds your papers, soiled, on the ground. They get you out of this and send you back on your way to your home. You get back there and are greeted by the same guard from earlier. He escorts you back home and you decide to rest and eat something. When you get up, you discover someone left a note for you on your forehead. "Meet me at town square," is what it says. You go, and the guard is there waiting for you. "Are you ready to see where your choices have lead you?"

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