~Football,Yo-yos and Love~ [game] episode 1.3

In this quiz, it will kinda be a little like sim date. You will be guiding your charactor, Ryan, to make choices for him in the quiz for your result of the story. It's not like The flirting game where there are continues and stuff.

You choose how the story goes and your choices will lead you to the end of the story. Please stay tuned. I promise that the story will get more interesting as it goes on.

Created by: random person

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  1. I waited for the bus with 5 other kids,2 eighth graders,2 sixth graders and one seventh grader. 4 minutes later I could see a yellow botch in the distance. It grew larger and larger until I could hear the rumbling. The bus roars to a stop and the doors blast open to reveal the driver, a squat gorilla. I walked in last. I didn't even get on the second step when the doors shut behind me. That's when it hits me. My lunch bag. "No!" I yelled inside my head. I turn around just to see the green bag whisk away. I didn't say anything. I don't know why. I coulda said stop, wait, or I forgot my lunch bag, but I didn't. It was gonna get worse anyway.
  2. I headed down the aisle watching the bag getting smaller and smaller. And it sure did get worse. I couldn't find a seat. Four guys in one seat crushing Glasses boy by the window. A sour puss girl staring out the window. I make my way towards her. She slams down her 70 pound, last year, Hello Kitty pack. Next seat,a massive lump ad a short twig dangling at the edge of his seat fidgeting Another guy plug his ears with earbuds and slides his foot over to the seat next to him. No one looks at me. No ones scoots over. And then I come up to two empty seats. A girl in one, a sixth grade midget in the next two seats. Where should Ryan sit?
  3. If you chose girl, then go here. If you chose dude, then copy and paste this: www. gotoquiz. com/_football_yo_yos_and_love_game_episode_1_3_pa_1 I walk over to her and as I do, the bus lurches and I run right into the seat. My arm slams into her shoulder. Sttartled from staring out the windeow she looks my way. "Uh, can I sit here?" I asked. "Oh, ah, yes" she blushes. She looks out the window again. "Thanks" I mumbled as I picked up my folders and pens. Once I got settled my eyes wander to the girl. Her hair was long and seemed to flow like a water fall. Glossy black with a golden brown glint. I wondered if I sould say something. Should he say something?
  4. If you clicked no, then go here http:// www. gotoquiz.com/_football_yo_yos_and_love_game_episode_1_3_pa_2, if you clicked yes then go here. "So... uh, you read Inkheart?" I asked noticing the book in her hands. She looks at me surprised. Her soft eyes were lined with silvery lashes. Her eyes were sweet brown, her face flawless and peachy white. She spoke so softly that you have to lean in to hear. "Oh, I. Yes, I do" She turns back to the window again. I kinda get the feeling that she didn't wanna talk to anybody right now. Should Ryan continue to talk to her?
  5. Let's say you chose yes. (because it's getting FRUSTRATING) "Pretty good series eh?" I commented. "Ah, that's nice to know. It's quite suspenseful" she answers softly staring at the seat in front of her. Silence. I decided to shut up for the whole way. The school sign was coming into view. Welcome to Evandurst middle. The bus came to a stop. Kids filed out. She stood up to my eyebrows. I had the impression she would be taller judging from her faster maturing body. Nothing to get excited about. So why was my heart rate doubling? It's like she's actually shorter than me!
  6. Of all the girls I've ever crushed on were taller than me, that doesn't always look too good in the hallway. "Alright everyone GET A MOVE ON!" the squat gorilla was hollerin up front, "HEY, KIDS IN THE BACK, I SAID GET A MOVE ON!" he was glaring right at black cap. Black cap turned around grumpily. "And I say I wanna go to my car" he grumbles. Several snickers behind him. He smirks. Once I got outta the bus, I looked behind me to see if the girl was still there. She wasn't.
  7. Black cap doesn't hurry. He hangs around. And he bumps into me. "Yo, watch it" he says to me. I just stare at him. I saw a large bulge in his pocket. "That a yo-yo?" I asked. He shrugs. "I know a yo-yo when I see one" I said. "So?" he asks. "I have one" I said. "Oh what, you wanna medal or somethin?" he smirks. Nate. I knew I would like him. He heads to his class, I go to mine. There were only two seats left, one next this girl another one that's one seat away from her. Where should Ryan sit?
  9. Try the other paths, you might like those more than this path...
  10. STAY TUNED??? please?

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