Horror love story/my creepypasta Love.pt1?(the back story)

Hello welcome to the quiz first of this is obviously a role-play quiz and here is a bit about your character your name is rosalina but everyone calls you rose your 16 and best friends with a girl named star

Oof setting you live in a small town next to slenders woods Its the start of summer vacation your mom and sister are bacectly evil btw and this is my first ever quiz so i hope you have fun bye

Created by: Rose The Proxy
  1. You open your eyes like any normal day and like usual mom is screeming at you to wake up "get down here!" You walk down stares and make coffee for your mom an dad and make breakfast after breakfast you heed to the park with your best friend(star)"your mom sounds awful".What do you say
  2. "Oh wow well i probably have to get home see ya" she walked home and you decided to go to the forest when you got to the forest you sat down leaned aganst a tree and fell asleep you than woke up six hours later and ran home late for dinner you walked up stares and sat by the window looking outside wen your mom called you downstairs and asked you why you wer home late you explained it to her and went back up staresWhat did you do?
  3. You then went to bed and when you woke up this morning you changed went downstairs and made breakfast you went back to the woods and did whatever you did the night before and when you left your sister and some of her friends walked twords you they pushed you to the ground and your sister steped on the locket your grandmother gave you "oops sorry dident se it" she smirked and walked away you got up and went home locking yourself in your roomWhat did you do?
  4. You than walked to one of your shelves and picked up a mask from halloween went to the window opend it sliped out (this is happening in the middle of the night btw)and ran to the shed in the back yard opend it and puled out a scythe walked to the front of the house and quietly opend up the door put the mask on and hid around the corner wating for someone to walk by a bit later your mom walked bye and you slowly choped her in to pieces blood flowed threw the hallway and your sister came bye to check it out wnhen you pushed her to the floor amd choped her up saying?
  5. Than as you walked outside you heard your nabors talking about the screaming wen you slipped through the window and made your way to the living room when you saw them you quickly chopped them apart and left you reentered your house and changed into jeans a t-shirt and a jacket when you heard sirens and saw flashing lights you jumped out the window and fled into the woods listning to the levs crunch underneath your feet as you ran you stoped to catch your breath What did you do?
  6. After you fell asleep from exhaustion and when you woke up you felt like something or someone was waching you when you looked behind you eyes where seen and as your eyes came into focus you saw some figurs come into view as you stared another figure appeared it was very tall and skinny was definitely an understatement it had a slender frame the figurs walked to wards you and in the light of day you relly saw them ej:"so what do we do with her" slender:"hello child you must be confused i am the slenderman.i would like to make you an offer.i will give you shelter in return you will go on missions for me.deal?"
  7. You shook hands appeared at a large building and walked inside you saw two people playing video games???:hahaha I'm betting you ???:can it Zelda! ???:geez jack dont be so harsh jack:uuh whatever there wher two people in the kitchen ???:why do you eat so many waffles???:they t-tast *tick* good *tick* ???:ok he was eating cheesecake someone was siting on the stares with a guy ???:why do you ware stripes? ???:why do you ware that blood stained jacket ???:fair enough slender:everyone can i have you'r attention they looked at the two of you slender:we have a new proxy they looked at you slender:this is black rose you:hi slender:would you all introduce yourselves please EJ:y name is EyelesJack Ben:ben drowned thats me Masky:people call me masky Toby:hi my names Toby *tick* uh t-ticky toby Jeff:jeff the killer LJ:my name darling is Laughing Jack after a while you ended up getting to know each of them better you played video games with Ben and EJ you ate waffles and cheesecake with Masky and Toby Jeff taught you how to clean a weapon and you ate some candy with LJWho do you like best?
  8. Thats all folks bye bye
  9. LOL JK Ok did you like this quiz
  10. Ok for real now bye

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