True or False Transformers Quiz

You may think you know Transformers, but to be a true genius in the area, you must take and suceed in this quiz! If you don't, well there's always next time to try this amazing quiz, full of exhilerating questions, if you don't love this quiz, I'll jump of a roof! Now drop your buff and start this quiz!!!!!!

You could be the champion of all Transformers fans, so have a crack at this quiz to fuind out your ranking! Have you dropped you buff but still haven't started thequiz, what you don't want to, well gett lost loser, oh not you, your cool, cause your about to take my quiz!

Created by: Jordon
  1. Which decepticon was the first on Earth?
  2. Starscream refers Scorponok as Blackout's ---
  3. Who is the Autobots Medic?
  4. Who many Transformers were there in the first movie(2007)?
  5. Which Transformer converts into a semi-truck with flames?
  6. Which Decepticon is strongest aside from Megatron?
  7. Who voices Optimus Prime?
  8. Who invented Transformers?
  9. What is the release date of Transformers 2?
  10. Who directed Transformers (2007)?

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