Take A Wildlife Quiz

The FAITH project helps us maintain a habit that encourages native wildlife, including plants and animals alike. How much do you know about the wildlife in your own back yard?

Hence, the FAITH project poses a challenge! Take our trivia quiz and find out how much you know! Can you make high scores and be one of our FAITH agents?

Created by: LJ
  1. What is the name for a baby bird that is still very pink, with few feathers, that is too young to
  2. Why are there more squirrel nests than squirrels in the neighborhood?
  3. What allows deer to hear so well?
  4. Carolina phlox is a native plant that produces beautiful purple
  5. What is true about possums?
  6. Why is it important to have plants like parsley to attract butterflies to your garden?
  7. Which is true about hummingbirds?
  8. What are baby bats called?
  9. Two trees can
  10. Skunks are related to

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