Coal mining and wildlife quiz

Coal mining is one of the biggest industries in East Ayrshire. Coal is a very valuable resource because it is used in our power stations to make electricity. The environment in East Ayrshire is home to After coal mining is finished, planting trees and creating wetlands can make the coal mine a place that animals and plants want to return to.

Do you know about the area where you live? Do you know about wildlife found there or the coal produced there? Take our quiz to find out. You might even learn something new

Created by: Susan Forster of East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative
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  1. How much of our electricity comes from burning coal?
  2. What type of owl is best seen at dusk?
  3. Why does coal from East Ayrshire produce less acid rain?
  4. What does East Ayrshire have that makes it a great place for black grouse?
  5. 4 million tonnes of coal is the same weight as how many cars?
  6. What is the fastest moving bird in the world?
  7. How long ago did the coal in East Ayrshire start to form?
  8. What type of animal was Ratty from wind in the willows?
  9. How long does it take for a Blue tit to incubate its eggs
  10. What is the largest bird in Scotland

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