Are You Naughty or Nice?

Santa comes around every year, and he delivers many presents to many sweet children. However, underneath the big bag of gifts is an even bigger pile of coal, waiting to be delivered to all of the Grinches and Scrooges out there.

Are you one of those who will receive a big fat lump of coal? Take this quick test to discover whether its coal or candy in your stockings this Christmas.

Created by: Taylor of Piddus Kittus
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  1. While walking down the streets, you always return a friendly smile.
  2. This holiday, you'll be spending tons of time with family and friends.
  3. There's no better gift than love and friendship.
  4. Christmas carollers have arrived at your house.
  5. Your house is decorated.
  6. The worst part of Christmas is...
  7. Your heart is described as...
  8. In school/work, do you treat the teacher/boss kindly or rudely?
  9. Situation: You have $2 in your pocket, and two of your friends want a candy bar from the vending machine. Do you sacrifice your candy or buy for the better friend?
  10. For those Dane Cook fans: Karen the douchebag wants to attend your party. You obviously can't tell her you don't like her, because Karen the douchebag is that one member in your group of friends who you keep there to hate. You're nice to her face, but as

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Quiz topic: Am I Naughty or Nice?