Today I decided to write down a character story. I decided to choose Myra and Lokiura, because they have to live in the wild and they struggle as loners to survive and fulfill the Prophecy!

In this Story Quiz you will have to try to choose what Myra does. I can't do this where it links you to a new ending so I just based it off of your reactions to different problems and occurances throughout the story! Enjoy!

Created by: Mythie244
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  1. There once was a She-Wolf named Myra. Myra had white fur and a blue spiral on her left her hind leg. Myra and her sister Lokiura are the only wolves with this marking so far. Lokiura has whiteish grey fur and a gold spiral.
  2. Myra and Lokiura go out hunting when the Pack gets attacked! The Alpha, Kori, blames Myra and Lokiura for the attack. The Alpha then banishes the sisters and they must become loners and survive in the woods!
  3. The Prophecyโ€” When 4 wolves, on our final hour, join and bind our special power, all is lost when something is found.โ€” this pretty much means that there will be 4 wolves and we already have 2 and that the 4 wolves will have to defeat a thing (no spoilers here XD). Then they will have to unite their powers to bring the Tribes together for the final battle.
  4. Now to the story! This story is not going to all be here yet. I will try to make a part 2 soon though!
  5. Our story begins on Sunday, September 1. Lokiura and Myra decided to go hunting this morning. After catching some prey Myra decides it's time to go back. When the sisters arrive back at the den, they see that they were attacked when they left! They also see that the Alpha, Kori, still alive under a leaf pile. How do the girls react?
  6. After finding Kori the sisters are banished from the Pack and are forced to become loners. Kori, well, she eventually got better and started a new pack but we'll get there later. Myra and Lokiura look around and decide to hunt a bit so that they have some extra prey.
  7. Myra soon spots a cave and wants to go in, but Lokiura says she heard something in there! Myra soon convinces Lokiura its fine and they both go it. The noise Lokiura heard was just water dripping from a crystal. When they look around they realize that there is a glowing red spiral....
  8. Myra and Lokiura decide to investigate. When they see what the spiral is they are shocked to see a wolf pup! The wolf pup has amber eyes, black fur, and a tiny red spiral like Myra and Lokiura. Should they keep the pup?
  9. Myra and Lokiura decide to keep the pup around for now. They just need a name for it...
  10. They soon agree on naming the pup Eclypse. They decide to take Eclipse to a lake, at the lake he finds something shiny in the water. Myra walks up behind him and looks at the shiny thing. Lokiura thinks it's a gem ๐Ÿ’Ž and Myra thinks it's a necklace or amulet ๐Ÿ“ฟ. They decide to take it back to the den.
  11. Myra decides to go hunt in the mist at night. Right when she is about to pounce she hears a wolf howl in fear. Myra walks over to see what's the matter while using the mist to hide. She sees a grey wolf who she vaguely recognizes. She thinks it's someone from her old Pack who survived the battle. She sees them being attacked by a new tribe to the forest! Should Myra help?
  12. Myra decides only to scare away the attacking wolves and not reveal herself to the familiar wolf. Soon Myra hears another wolf running towards her. The other wolf scared Myra out of the mist by popping up beside her.
  13. The only Wolf she remembered that did that to her was Dakota. Dakota had silvery fur and pale blue eyes like Myra. He was from a tribe that was forbidden in these woods but she figured she had wandered into their territory this time.... She had played with Dakota as a pup but she had never noticed the spiral on his hind leg before....
  14. Did you like this story? Let me know if you want a part 2!!!

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