What insect are you?

There are many, many species of insect on earth. Some are seen as vermin, others as helpers. For this quiz, I have chosen some of the best known insects.

Which of the four insects will you be? This quiz will tell you, and you will never have to wonder this random but perplexing question again! Thanks for reading this, hope you like your result.

Created by: Moonflower786

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  1. Are you good in teamwork situations?
  2. Do you consider yourself pretty/handsome?
  3. Are you an only child?
  4. Do you prefer sweets or fruit?
  5. Do you blend in with the crowd?
  6. Are/Did you change drastically during your teenage years?
  7. Do you own a weapon that you have never used?
  8. Were you forced into the army, navy or air force of your country?
  9. Pick a Color.
  10. Thanks for taking the quiz!

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Quiz topic: What insect am I?