You're Immortal Boyfriend

Have you ever wondered who you're immortal lover would be? Afterall mortal guys arnt as exciting as they used to be (exit Aragorn). Are you the kind of person who attracts the Immortal blood drinker? What about the wolfish type? Take this test to find out!

Answer the following questions to find out who is you eternal lover-boy! But heres a warning: If you take this test do not be surprised if the next hottie to knock on you're door is either undead or has a few extra, er limbs! >cue epic music<

Created by: Jensena
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. The Meet cue. Where did you meet
  2. The first date The where and when
  3. The kiss mmmmmmmm
  4. The parents you meet them...well kinda
  5. A Storm is brewing. So you have a fight...what about?
  6. Missing in action. So he goes missing, what do you do?
  7. The Reason. so he turns up safe and well, what his excuse?
  8. The Gift. You accept his apology and gift. What did he get you?
  9. Last Question- He proposes. Where he pop the question?
  10. Okay the real last question....what's you're answer!

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