Is Your Boyfriend Cheating

Well I recently just found out my boyfriend was cheating and the Quiz is mainly about what I didn't realize about him and what signs I lost focus on. So I JUst felt like it should be my job to help ladies understand what men do when they cheat its not always so obvious.

And this is mainly for women but I guess gay men can take it LOL This quiz really came from my heart and it really did hurt to find out my boyfriend would cheat but its a lesson and I'm glad I lived it now I will be more careful because its not easy!

Created by: angel kommeri
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  1. Does he ever say he's tired of you?
  2. If your boyfriend is at his locker talking to a girl and you walk by what would he do?
  3. When you try to talk to your boy friend how does he act?
  4. Does it seem like every time you are around each other he always has a (lame) excuse to get away from you?
  5. When you and your boy friend talk does he talk about other girls?
  6. How much do you two know about each other?
  7. Have you heard gossip about him liking other girls?
  8. What would he do if he saw you give another boy a kiss?
  9. How often does he tell you he loves you?
  10. Are you ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: Is my Boyfriend Cheating