The Club Penguin Quiz

Many think they know everything possible about Club Penguin, but few are actually experts or masters. If you think that you're a master, too, then take this quiz...

But first let me lay a few ground rules. No cheating, no asking for help, no looking on websites, no knocking the answer out of anyone in the room, and no calling up your boyfriend/girlfriend in hope for an answer, but only getting engaged in a mushy conversation.

Created by: Penguinator of Club Penguin Cheatland
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  1. How many fish do you need to catch to catch the mullet?
  2. How do you get to the dojo?
  3. True or False: Aunt Arctic owns a puffle of every color.
  4. True or False: It takes 50 pizzas to beat Pizzatron 3000.
  5. How do you tip the iceberg?
  6. If you don't catch all the puffles fast enough in Puffle Roundup, do you get more or less coins than you do catching some and letting the rest loose?
  7. Which of these can NOT do a special dance?
  8. True or False: You can access the underground swimming pool by way of speaker in the Night Club.
  9. Which can NOT be put on a pizza in Pizzatron 3000?
  10. Which rooms are NOT in any level of Jet Pack Adventure?

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