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  • not only do i go on club penguin every day, i know it like the back of my hand... because i go on it all the time. In fact, i know it so well i'm really good at the games. I got more than 60,000 coins one time. Also im so good, my cousins ask me to get them coins for them. They gave me their passwords. I wont tell them yet, but i hate doing these things for them. I'm not getting them coins anymore. if they dont like my decision, tough s*** I'm tired of doing things for them. Sometimes, they say "get me coins and buy me this" or something like that. I wish they didn't know i was so good at it. Im gonna tell them soon that they have to take care of themselves and get coins for themselves. Wow, that felt good.

  • When it comes to Club Penguin, you're 50% master!

    You're pretty good, you got about average. That means that you're not a know-it-all, and you're not ignorant! (I don't mean to offend those who got zero's)

    ty i guess lol im like 600+ days on cp im godess cutie made it in third grade lol

  • I got 80%! New mission coming in a couple days!

    Flag Expert
  • I got a 100% but I don't get to play on it any more.I was'nt expecting 100% because... oh errrm iv'e told you,because I don't get to play on it!!!

  • woo 50%

  • 40%... ive been playing (on and off) for 9 years ;-; oof


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