Are you a Cheater?

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Have you ever questioned if you are loyal to your partner, does the idea or thrill of cheating ever excite or interest you? This quiz will help determine if you are a cheater or not, however it should NOT determine your intentions fully.

This quiz will help guide you on where you stand and may help explain your intentions/feelings. If you are a cheater, remember to make the right choices by ending the relationship, it isn't fair on both of you if it doesn't work out!

Created by: M K

  1. You see a hot girl/guy on the street, you?
  2. You are at a party with your friends and you start to flirt with a hot girl/guy, you?
  3. You're out shopping and bump into an attractive person, she smiles and you begin to strike up a conversation, she gives you her number and?
  4. Your partner is away, a close friend who you had a crush on visits you, what do you do?
  5. How often do you look at other girls/guys and find them more attractive than your current partner?
  6. You have the chance to sleep with anyone you wish other than your gf/bf, you?
  7. You can leave your partner right now for a new one of your wishes, would you?
  8. Your partner is suspicious of you, what's your response?
  9. Do you get a 'thrill' from cheating?
  10. Finally, if you turn out to be a cheater or somewhat of one, are you bothered?

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